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Licenses don't expire after cancellation
Team Access for VAs
All plans allow Merch
Provides $20,000 indemnity
Price for annual plans reduces over time
Credit purchases
Earn Reward Credits
Ad-Free Experience
1,000s of designs
Free design collection
Inhouse design team
Vector & Raster
Merch-ready Designs

No need to break the bank.
Start easy and take it slow.

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$ 19.90
/month excl. tax

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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently only accept credit cards as well as debit cards which are suitable for online purchases. We are looking at integrating other payment methods (e.g. Apple Pay and Google Pay), however for the time being credit cards strike the best balance between convenience to the user and limiting unnecessary fees.

Unfortunately we do not accept PayPal at this time. This is primarily due to excessive merchant fees and questionable business practices on the part of PayPal. We understand that it is an incredibly convenient form of payment for users, however we do not want to further increase the market dominance of PayPal as it will drive prices up in the long term.

You can cancel your subscription at anytime and you will not be charged again at the end of your billing cycle. When your billing cycle ends depends on the date when you subscribed as well as whether you chose a monthly (~ every 30 days) or yearly plan (365 days). You can cancel your subscription from the "Subscription" tab in your profile.

Yes, absolutely. Simply choose which plan you would like to subscribe to and you will be upgraded immediately. You will be billed the new amount and any remaining balance from your previous plan will be offset with the new invoice. Please note that if you have previously canceled your current plan, upgrading will reactivate the auto-renewal of your subscription.

Yes, you can. However, the downgrade will only take effect at the end of your billing cycle. Please note that if you have previously canceled your current plan, downgrading will also reactivate the auto-renewal of your subscription.

1 Monthly Credit or 1 Reward Credit will each get you exactly 1 design download. So basically 1 credit equals 1 standard license for a design of your choice.

No they do not. You must ensure that you use your credit within the month of allocation. Your monthly balance of credits is reset at the end of every monthly billing cycle (~ every 30 days) from the day you subscribed. If you have earned Rewards Credits, you will never lose them until you use them. They remain in your balance forever and can be used even without an active subscription.

Rewards Credits are usually earned through interaction with the platform. For example, you might reach a special status, receive a badge or contribute to the improvement of the platform. Many actions are rewarded with Rewards Credits which can be used to download designs.

Yes, when you choose a plan for the very first time, you start with a 3-day free trial and 5 Trial Credits so that you can download some designs. You will NOT be billed before the end of the 3-day trial and if you decide that ThreadBasket isn't for you, you can cancel at any time before the trial ends via the "Subscription" tab of your profile. If you use up all your Trial Credits and decide that you don't want to wait until the end of the trial, you may also upgrade immediately via the "Subscription" tab of your profile, in which case the trial will end and you will be billed straight away.

Yes, we offer discounts on all yearly plans and we also have additional Loyalty Tiers with additional discounts for customers who renew their yearly plans for a 2nd or 3rd year. And it doesn't end there. With our yearly plans you don't just save money, you also get 50% more downloads and prints than a monthly subscriber.

We like to reward loyalty. That is why we have a unique proposition for our most loyal customers. When you sign up for a yearly plan and renew your subscription for a second year, we give you an extra discount. And guess what, if you stick around for a 3rd year or longer, we give you up to 60% discount (may vary by plan) on the monthly price for as long as you remain subscribed to a yearly plan. Please note, however, that if you decide to cancel or downgrade to a monthly plan, you will lose your Loyalty Tier and be reset to Zero.

We do not take design requests at this point in time, however we do have plans to introduce such a feature in the future.

We are stock design service and as such we do not sell exclusive designs. Multiple customers may acquire a license for the same design and use it in their own projects.

Your subscription and all the licenses that you acquire for designs are linked to you, as a person and cannot be transfered to or shared with another person, unless they are using the designs to create something for your own use (e.g. a virtual assistant that works for you).

No. We do not force you into a "lock-in" scenario where you need to remained subscribed forever to avoid having to take down your designs. Every license that you acquire as an active subscriber is for life, even if you decide to cancel at a later stage. We only ask you to respect the limitation on the number of prints/sales per design if you are using it for Print-on-Demand/Merch purposes. If you exceed that number, we ask you to acquire a new license for that particular design.

Yes, our Standard License allows you to use our artwork on platforms such as Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Society6, Teepublic, Spreadshirt and many more. There is a small exception to this rule with regards to Spreadshirt, because an integral part of their platform is the "Create Your Own"-section. Please refer to our Licensing Agreement for details on what you CAN and CANNOT do with our licenses.

If you have virtual assistants or designers who create designs for your own business, then we recommend you choose either the PRO or BUSINESS plan. Both of these plans include our "Teams" feature, which allows you to give a team member limited access to your subscription without having to share your primary login and password with them. They will be able to download new designs on behalf of your account, however they cannot see or change anything else within your account.

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