The Best Selling T-Shirt Designs on Amazon for 2023

The Best Selling T-Shirt Designs on Amazon for 2022
If you’re a driven entrepreneur looking to make money right away, it’s time to start narrowing down your choices for t-shirt designs on Amazon.
If you’re a driven entrepreneur looking to make money right away, it’s time to start narrowing down your choices for t-shirt designs on Amazon.

So, Amazon has given you the green light to sell merch.


So, what’s the next logical step?

If you’re a driven entrepreneur looking to make money right away, it’s time to start narrowing down your choices for t-shirt designs on Amazon.

This factor will have a significant impact on how well you can sell and on your overall marketing strategy.

Whatever field you choose, it’s all about research, market testing, and fine-tuning your plan as necessary.

To help you skip the research part, we’ve listed down a variety of niches and designs that will be a sure hit in Merch by Amazon this 2023.

1. Pop culture

If you follow memes or celebrity news, you’ll notice that there’s usually a lot of controversy, drama, or just something to laugh about.

Use the buzz to your advantage and keep an eye out for catchy phrases and meme-worthy pictures.

Of course, you must follow Amazon’s policies. You are not permitted to use any celebrities’ names or logos.

As an alternative, quotes or words alluding to specific occurrences could be used.

Customers will select an Amazon t-shirt design that they are familiar with.

You’ll want to keep up with the ups and downs of what’s happening in the mainstream.

This is the demographic for whom you should design an Amazon t-shirt.

2. Holidays

When it comes to t-shirts, holidays and festive seasons are always a big hit.

Make big holidays a priority, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween.

However, lesser-known festivals such as National Doughnut Day and National Pizza Party Day may be worth investigating.

They’re entertaining, and they offer folks a reason to rejoice!

When creating a holiday shirt, consider how you want the buyer to feel while wearing it.

Is it holiday-themed whimsy?

Is it possible that it’s a creepy holiday?

Customers will expect more than “Happy Valentine’s Day” emblazoned across their chests.

They want to stand out and build a name for themselves.

It’s more than a graphic tee; it’s an expression of how people feel around a specific holiday.

3. Motivational quotes

A nice motivational quote is one of the best ways to promote positivity.

You can make several variations of each quote you come up with, whether you want to tell them to “Crush it!” or “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard.”

To meet your Merch by Amazon goals, you can customize it with different typography and colors.

So, what is it about motivational and inspirational quotes that make them so popular?

We’ll never know whether or not a wonderfully designed t-shirt purchased on Amazon completely transformed someone’s life.

Many people, on the other hand, are focused on enhancing their current state.

They’re the ones who’ll fall in love with a shirt that says, “Be a game-changer.”

4. Humor

The power of humorous slogans should not be underestimated.

It’s entertaining and engaging.

Find a way to picture a joke as an Amazon t-shirt design if you see one online.

It’s certain to be a big hit, and customers will go out of their way to find that exact Amazon t-shirt design.

This is when targeted marketing comes into play.

Some people are so enamored with cats that they buy shirts depicting cats soaring through space on a pizza.

Others enjoy making light of partnerships by saying things like, “I want pizza, not boys.”

Someone will find your t-shirt amusing, so don’t be scared to try something new.

5. Life changing milestones

Is your best buddy expecting a child?

They had to inform everyone because they are so ecstatic!

T-shirts depicting having a baby and getting engaged are popular among individuals going through the process.

Graphic shirt designs like these will never go out of style.

Someone will always be celebrating a birthday or having a bar or bat mitzvah.

To attract this crowd, get imaginative with your designs.

The customer feels very strongly about submitting an Amazon t-shirt design commemorating a significant life event.

There is no shortage of occasions to celebrate.

Someone somewhere is commemorating a triumph, and your t-shirt design can make all the difference.

6. Occupation

There are some people who adore their work that their employment has become a form of self-identification for them.

This audience is excited about the work they’re doing.

They enjoy what they do, whether they are graphic designers, nurses, or stay-at-home dads. Create t-shirts that reflect their workplace culture.

T-shirts like these allow people to network with others in their field.

It’s almost like a conversation starter.

They can converse without the pressure and tension of exchanging business cards instead of exchanging business cards.

7. Geek culture

Do you have a thing for superheroes and villains?

This market is extremely close-knit and continues to grow on a daily basis.

They could have been following these imaginary characters’ lives since they were babies. Others became interested after seeing the movies.

They are a devoted lot, no matter how they discovered this fandom.

If you learn how to communicate in their language, your t-shirt designs will sell.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to utilize any trademarked or copyrighted imagery on your clothing.

8. Animals

Cute animals are always a big hit, you could never go wrong selling designs with one.

There are many animal lovers out there who would buy any gear with a lovely corgi image on it.

Some people are devoted to their pets, while others seek to rescue the environment.

This market is so enthusiastic about animals that they wear it on their shirts!

They’re most likely into animal-themed merchandise.

Hoodies, t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, tanks, and everything in between. They most likely have it.

9. Politics

You must exercise caution when dealing with this subject, but it is still possible to have fun with it!

When it comes to political t-shirt designs, the goal is to be positive.

Just a tip, this isn’t the type of design for you if you’re goal is to spread hatred.

That alone goes against’s Amazon’s community guidelines. 

10. Couple shirts

Another profitable niche, couple-shirt.


The main goal of selling this shirt is to sell two shirts in a single order.

Every time, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Isn’t that amazing?

Not to mention, you can charge a premium for this design since it’s not your usual design, you need extra effort to make a seamless design that will make sense when printed on two shirts. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when pursuing this niche:

  • It’s critical to come up with a design that’s unique enough to stand out. With couple t-shirts, though, it’s advisable to be a little more generic because you’ll be catering to two different tastes.
  • Experiment with fun yet witty statements, slogans, or simple phrases. Shirts that say “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Usually Right,” for example, are always a hit.
  • Couple shirts are typically purchased as a gift for one’s partner, so you can use them as the basis for your marketing plan.

Where to buy these designs?

Sometimes, the struggle with looking for designs online is the quality of designs that are delivered.

Moreover, some freelancers can be frustrating with so much guesswork going on during your transactions.

If none of these could meet the standards that you want for your online merch store, then Threadbasket is the solution for you

Threadbasket offers different ready-made designs as well as designing services.

They offer only the highest quality design files and provide the most experienced designers to bring your ideas to life.

Threadbasket offers a monthly subscription of 18 Euros.

It already includes free access to thousands of designs, in-house designers, and other services.

Investing in quality is a great way to make sure your business is sustainable in the end.

Pros of buying license-free designs

If you’re running a print-on-demand business or a merch store, resources and manpower are two things that you should be really efficient about.

That’s why while it’s great to make your own designs or hire someone to do it for you, it isn’t the most practical.

  • If you’re starting out or you simply want to scale your merch products or your t-shirt designs, the fastest and most cost-effective way to do it is to buy and download license-free designs from a design marketplace like Threadbasket.
  • Buying instead of creating your own design will take a lot of time and effort (from conceptualizing a design to the actual sketching of the design). Having the liberty to just choose and download as many designs as you need for your business can let you focus on other equally important aspects of your business like marketing or even branding, especially if you’re just a self-starter.
  • A membership to sites like Threadbasket only costs a small fraction of what you’d pay for a graphics designer. It cost a lot less than buying your own equipment to sketch and make designs.
  • The designs from Threadbasket are all made by professional graphic designers. You’ll have access to a library of unique high-quality designs.
  • You don’t need to worry about copyright infringement, you can even trademark the designs as your own.
  • You’ll have access to new designs every week. The design library is updated with fresh and unique designs weekly.
  • A wide array of designs for different niches.
  • No commitment. The beauty of this is that you can choose to stop using the service anytime you want. If print-on-demand doesn’t work for you, or you just need a few designs for your merch store, you don’t need to continue your subscription.
  • They have a free membership! You can have access to unique designs that are free to download. You don’t need to spend anything to try out Threadbasket’s service.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or want to engage in a real-time discussion with us on this matter, follow us on Twitter.

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