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In this article, we enumerate brand name generator sites where you can get solid name suggestions and some tips that you might want to follow.

Choosing a brand name is an important element of launching a business.

For many, it is the first step that they take while branding.

Branding is the process of personifying our business, and this personality will give set the tone and image of your business which is crucial in attracting your target audience.

With that said, your name needs to be fit-for-purpose.

It may sound simple but coming up with a name carries a lot of weight, especially in your marketing efforts.

To make that task easier, we enumerate the tools that can make it easier for you to come up with a brand name and some tips that you might want to follow. 

Why Choosing the Right Brand Name Is Important

Your brand name communicates a lot about your business.

For example, if your name is playful, a customer’s first impression may be that your business is friendly and laid back.

That may have a welcoming effect. 

letters on a wood table and formed the word name

One-word names that are more conceptual are often perceived as modern and cool, appealing to a trendy crowd.

No matter what your name is, it will send some kind of message.

It’s best to take some time and send a message that you’re proud of. You may even want to perform a little market research, asking people how they respond to different brand names and how effectively those names communicate your vision for your business.

Consider the wider implications of any brand name you choose.

You don’t want to choose a name that’s easily mocked or has an inappropriate double meaning, do you?

Words have different connotations across diverse cultures, so it’s worth double-checking this before you commit to a name.

Brand Name Generator Tools You Can Use Today

To determine which brand-name generators are the most effective, an experiment had to be performed.

Each of the twelve generators was tested using the same hypothetical scenario: an owner of an upmarket dog grooming business looking for an original and impactful brand name.

So let’s find out how the free online brand name generators performed under pressure! 

1. Namelix 

How to use: 

First, Namelix asks that you input specific keywords relating to your business.

We chose “dog grooming,” “pet spa,” “puppy,” “haircut,” and — because this is an upmarket business — “chic.” 

desktop screenshot of namelix home page for making a brand name

Next, you’re invited to narrow your results by length; however, we kept all options open for maximum results. 

The third step is to choose from different name styles.

Categories include brandable names, misspellings, and rhyming words.

We chose brandable names because this was highlighted as the most popular option.

We received pages and pages of results, some more useful and relevant than others.

Suggestions like Drugwolf were quite obviously inappropriate; however, we were surprised by how accurately some brand names reflected our keywords.

The best ideas we identified from the list were Primpuppy, Puppy Deluxe, Puppity, and House of Puppies.

This was a great start! we loved that you could narrow down your options depending on your preferences but that there were still an incredible amount of suggestions offered.

We were particularly impressed with ideas like Puppity that managed to incorporate wordplay and succinctly convey the nature of our hypothetical dog grooming business.

Clearly, this algorithm is very clever.

2. Business Name Generator 

Because this brand name generator site only allowed for six keywords, we used the same words as above only removing “haircut.”

There were no further options to limit suggestions, so we were immediately shown our (many) results.

desktop screenshot of bng business name generator page for making a brand name

we received countless pages of results; however, it was more obvious this time that a computer had generated them.

Not all of them were relevant. “Jaded Chic,” for example, failed to communicate the specific nature of the business.

However, when the suggestions were good, they were very good! Some of our favorites included “Puppyworks,” “Pet Parade ” and “Divine Grooming.”

This generator seems to function by combining words associated with your keywords.

If you choose your keywords well, you’ll undoubtedly discover several viable brand name options.

You may have to scroll through a few pages to find them, though!

A cool additional feature of the site is that you can immediately check the domain name availability for any generated suggestion.

3. Shopify 

Instructions for this brand name generator site were a little unclear.

Instead of prompting me for keywords, it simply said “Enter query.” 

we added the same five terms that we used for our initial search, separated with commas.

Nothing happened.

We then typed them without the commas, and this generated results.

desktop screenshot of shopify name generator home page for making a brand name

Because I’d written a long search term, we received extremely long brand name suggestions.

An example would be “Greatest Pet Grooming Chic Puppy Haircut Pet Spa.”

It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?

We tried again simply using “chic pet grooming,” and our results did improve, but only slightly.

Over two pages of results, the best option we could find for our business was “Divine Chic Pet Grooming.”

The algorithm for this generator seems basic.

Rather than really understand keywords to combine them and suggest synonyms, it simply adds words to your keyword terms.

4. Biz Name Wiz 

Because this brand name generator site remembered pprevious search when it was restricted to six keywords, we believe it uses the same algorithm as Business Name Generator.

desktop screenshot of bee name wiz home page for making a brand name

Results were similar to those of our previous search.

The best new options we discovered from the first few pages were “Puppyopolis,” “Runway Puppy” and “Swank Grooming.” Ideas like “Stately Dog” and “Dramatic Puppy” were full of personality, and they made me laugh.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find many viable brand names using this generator.

Even restricting our search terms to simply “dog grooming,” we received very obscure suggestions.

5. Oberlo 

When entering search terms, we usually use commas to separate them.

Don’t do that while using Oberlo; it includes them in your results.

We were immediately told that 100 potential business names were found using our keywords, which was an oddly specific number.  

desktop screenshot of oberlo name generator home page for making a brand name

Our keywords were featured in the same order in every business name suggested.

Rather than mix them up and look for related terms, this generator simply added words to our search terms.

Generally, these words were completely unrelated like renegade, plasma, or emperor.

Brand name ideas included “Commonwealth Dog Grooming” and “Dog Grooming Traffic.” The same effect could be achieved by opening any random page of the dictionary! 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find many viable brand names using this generator.

Even restricting our search terms to simply “dog grooming,” we received very obscure suggestions.

Characteristics of a Great Brand Name

You may previously have thought that a brand name simply has to sound cool, but now you know that it actually serves an important purpose. That’s why, before deciding on a brand name for your business, you should ask yourself the following questions: 


You want people to talk about your business, so make it as easy as possible for them to do so. If a brand name is impossible to announce, that can have a negative impact on customer engagement. Strange spellings make your brand name difficult to search for. Given the importance of the internet for marketing and commerce, this could put your business at a serious disadvantage. 


To stand out from your competitors, your brand name should be unique. Imagine the scenario: a small town with two nail salons, one called “Nails Inc” and the other called “Nails & Co.” How often do you think residents would confuse them in casual conversation? The last thing you want is a positive review being wrongly attributed to a rival business. 


A bland brand name can make it hard to hook an audience. After all, our modern business landscape trades on the power of clicks. Ideally, your name should inspire people to stop scrolling. On a practical level, you definitely don’t want a situation where a customer struggles to remember your brand name even after a positive encounter with your products. 


It’s tempting to follow trends in a bid to attract attention, but remember that your brand name is here to stay. The process of rebranding is time-consuming and it can be expensive, so you want a brand name that’s built to last. Make sure it isn’t based on a reference that will be outdated in a matter of months. 


Your brand name doesn’t have to be extremely literal but bear in mind that if it’s too abstract you may leave potential customers wondering what your business offers. Using the same example of a nail salon as above, “Talons” could sound cooler than something straightforward like “Nail Artists,” but it still conveys the focus of the company clearly.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or you want to follow us for more related discussions, follow us on Twitter.

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