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How To Make the Perfect Merch Store Logo
It is important that when the merch store is launched, everything is in order and there is a strong store logo to back the company. Without a proper logo, brands would have no way of distinguishing themselves from others.
It is important that when the merch store is launched, everything is in order and there is a strong store logo to back the company. Without a proper logo, brands would have no way of distinguishing themselves from others.

Making dreams come true requires a hardcore commitment as well as the smarts to look for the best opportunity in every situation.

Before launching a merch store, it is important to identify those opportunities where the store can excel where others might have failed.

In business, this is called competitive advantage.

What better way to have a competitive advantage against other stores within the same niche than by having the perfect emblem that speaks, in itself, what the store stands for?

Most brands become successful due to their branding and not just because of the products they sell.

building blocks of what consists a brand identity including logo

If you’ve been passionate about setting up a merch store for quite some time now, it is important to take a step back, breathe deeply, and make sure you plan it out properly.

Although the beginning is not everything, most merch store successes these days thrive on the beginning and the representation of the brand.

It is important that when the merch store is launched, everything is in order and there is a strong store logo to back the company.

Without a proper logo, brands would have no way of distinguishing themselves from others.

Why A Good Logo Is Important

  1. A store logo adds to the aesthetic

The logo isn’t just an added detail to the packaging, it is part of the whole aesthetic itself.

When putting up a merchandise store, it is important to envision the logo sign outside of the store to draw customers in, on the walls, on the packaging, and in other places where the logo might be. 

Basically, it is important to have a logo that elevates the consumer experience by contributing to the merch store’s aesthetics.

Aside from the store’s aesthetics, picture the logo on the merch inside the store itself.

Does it elevate the merch?

  1. The logo helps the merch store stand out

Imagine merch stores lined up together with no logo outside or nothing to differentiate them.

Which one would people choose?

Most likely, if they all look the same, they will go to the nearest merch store, check if what they like is available, then move on to the next merch store if they haven’t bought what they want or still want to do a little shopping. 

When envisioning a logo, it should be able to stand out in a crowded place. An example of this is the Apple logo.

Who could miss the Apple logo despite the device thrown in a pile of other electronics?

  1. The logo increases the chances of repeat customers

Customers like having somewhere to buy where they know they can find what they are looking for.

With no logo to identify them, the merch store won’t be able to capitalize on these repeat customers.

Trying to get new customers all the time is not feasible for the company in the long run.

It is very important that the company identifies itself to increase the chances of repeat customers.

Whenever a person buys a product from a random store and wants to buy it again, they usually search for the product in stores they already know.

Logos play a huge role in business.

If a business owner fails to give importance to their store logo, they fail to grab a huge opportunity that could give them an advantage against the competition.

For fields with little or no competition, however, the logo might not matter that much.

A logo is not communication. It’s identification. It’s the period at the end of the sentence, not the sentence itself.

Sagi Haviv

Of course, for fields like merch stores which are extremely competitive, having a good logo is very important.

In order to stand out against a field of similar logos, the logo of a merch store has to be different.

Finding the “best” logo is actually pretty difficult. This is because consumers have different tastes.

Some logos work well on some consumers and others don’t.

However, finding the perfect formula for the perfect logo can actually be done by paying close attention to the consumers!

In fact, before making the merch store logo, spend some time looking at the target market and learn what logos work for that market.

How To Determine Which Logo Works For Your Ideal Customers

  1. It catches their attention

One way to do this is to do a study involving different colors.

Which colors catch the target market’s attention much better? Some colors are effective with some markets but others don’t really work that well.

The tone, hue, and saturation of these colors are also very important!

For example, pastel blue has a different kick compared to cherry red.

Depending on the industry the merch store is focused on, it is important to pick colors not only relevant but also beneficial to that industry.

  1. It invokes action

Curiosity is different from converting a prospect into a paying customer.

Of course, this still depends on the merchandise that the store is selling.

However, there are some instances wherein the brand is strong enough to invoke a sale despite the consumer not directly interested in the product.

woman on couch resting while using laptop with surprised face

These happen a lot with luxury brands.

Sometimes, the consumers don’t really know what type of product they want but because they know and respect the brand, they end up purchasing with the brand in mind and the product only secondary.

  1. It is easily remembered

A logo has to be easy to remember.

Since this is the representation of the company, when consumers remember the logo, they will remember the merch store itself.

If a logo looks just like the rest, it will most likely be forgotten the moment the consumer sees it.

This happens to a lot of logos that come and go in front of us.

It takes a really powerful logo to get repeat customers.

If a merch store is able to have one, this will be very beneficial to the business.

It is not always what is being sold that matters, sometimes it is also where the items are being sold or from whom the items are being sold.

When building a merch store logo, it is important to differentiate it a little bit from other typical logos.

There are a few tricks to making a merch store logo super effective but it still really depends on how they are being implemented on the logo.

Investing in a logo is very important since it can actually contribute to the company’s performance.

Since merch stores sell physical merchandise, the secret is to come up with a logo that looks good on the packaging.

How does a logo look good on the packaging? There are a few techniques to perfect this little trick.

How To Make A Logo That Looks Good On Packaging

  1. The size of the logo

Although a lot of people don’t pay attention to the size of the logo, it really does matter.

Having a logo that is too big in size will make the packaging look cluttered.

A really small logo, on the other hand, will be unrecognizable. There is a technique to find out the perfect size of the logo.

guys holding a blank board with a text that says your logo here

Take a friend with perfect eyesight and try holding a package with the logo on it two meters away.

Is the logo visible? If it isn’t visible at all, the logo has to be bigger.

If the logo is slightly visible, it has to be slightly bigger.

If the logo is very visible but unclear, the problem could be the next step.

  1. The details of the logo

Size and detail go together.

If the logo is not going to be used on bigger spaces, it should not have a lot of detail.

Small logos with a lot of detail tend to blot out.

This means in the end, the consumers might not be able to see anything but a disturbing blotted image of what the store logo should have been.

The principle is simple, if the logo is going to be put in smaller spaces, it should use less detail.

Try putting the logo on your phone and hold it a meter away.

If the details aren’t clear or are only slightly clear, you might need to simplify the logo. Nobody likes logos that are way too crowded.

  1. The color of the logo

Did you know that different versions of a popular color can make your logo look unique?

Basically, the logo can use popular colors but different versions of the colors.

Try different hues, tones, saturation, or other versions of the color.

For example, instead of pastel orange, try using the tiger orange!

There are a lot of colors to choose from aside from the primary and secondary colors.

To test if the color combination is effective, try putting the color combination beside three competitor logos.

If it doesn’t stand out enough, it probably won’t work.

There’s a lot of trial and error that comes along when trying to make the perfect merch store logo.

It’s really rare that the first logo or first template becomes the final one.

Of course, the logo can be changed later on when the business gets bigger and another logo seems to be more effective.

It is important, however, to start right.

Of course, there are a few conventional things that should also be thought of when making a logo.
These are elements that are included in every logo and should be thought of carefully.

Extra Details To Consider

  1. Edges

Are the edges smooth or sharp?

Sharp edges often come off as serious and aggressive. Smooth edges, however, give a calm and inviting feeling.

It is important to decide how smooth or how sharp the edges are to give off the right impression to the customers.

Sharper edges give a more corporate feel while smoother edges give a more creative and inviting feel.

  1. Shapes

What shapes are being used?

If your base is a circle, it should signify a whole idea.

If your base is a rectangle, it is usually an idea that is explained, if the base is abstract, then the design should speak for itself.

Be smart when choosing which shapes to put in the store logo.

For example, if the store is selling more feminine products, using a circle instead of a square could have a positive effect.

  1. Text

Will the company name be in the logo or not?

If the logo is clear enough without needing any text, there is no need to include the company name.

The extreme minimalist is able to spell out the company name through the design alone.

This, of course, also depends on the company name.

If the text needs to be included, just make sure it is in tune with the logo and looks good paired with the logo.

  1. Orientation

Vertical or horizontal? Aside from the logo in the middle, usually, the logo is either longer or taller.

This is actually very important since it affects packaging.

A vertical logo can be creatively used in packaging and so can horizontal logo.

Depending on what packaging and where the logo will mostly be put on, you can make the logo vertical oriented or horizontal oriented.

There can also be two versions of the logo.

  1. Black and white or colored

Nowadays, we advise using colored store logos unless the design is strong enough to stand on its own.

Using shadow or negatives in a logo is a creative way of using black and white but not a lot of logos come out this creative.

If there is a logo in mind, try to imagine if it looks better in black and white or with color.

There are a lot of ways to make a logo but in order to make an effective logo, it is important to pay attention to a lot of things.

In the end, the perfect logo might take some time to make and this is perfectly fine.

If you really want to come up with the best logo for your merch store, following this guide will be worth the effort.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or you want to follow us for more related discussions, follow us on Twitter.

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