5 Amazing Merch by Amazon Tools for Research

5 Amazing Merch by Amazon Tools for Research
Here are some other alternative tools to Merch Informers we’ve curated that can still deliver you the same satisfactory results for your Print on Demand business.

Looking for a Merch by Amazon tool for keyword research?

Don’t worry, we get it. We’ve been there. So let’s talk about what your choices are.

Merch Informer used to be the real McCoy amongst all the Merch by Amazon tools when Amazon first launched Merch by Amazon-a platform that has become the revolutionary powerhouse platform for the print-on-demand industry.

It was the best and leading software for keyword researching that uses Amazon’s API tailor-fit for Amazon Merch itself.

Due to its intended purpose specifically for Amazon, this big guy used to monopolize the world of “Merch by Amazon tools” for Amazon Merch and is even offered at a relatively affordable price.

Inevitably, over the years, the leading software has increased in demand and consequently in cost. 

Through the years, Merch sellers have continued to innovate and explore other alternatives as well as deliberate whether or not Merch Informer still is the real deal.

As discussion groups in Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have grown more genuine and important.

People in the Merch industry have shared similar glitches and problems on the premier software, specifically on things like incorrectly reported BSRs, lack of products listed, search terms not showing up, etc- and the cost is not getting cheaper.

Although problems like these are unavoidable for any Merch by Amazon tool, and sure- Merch Informer still is the leading software for print-on-demand products in Amazon Merch; people are now starting to discuss other alternatives to the software that can be worth the price, and still deliver similar results.

Here are some other alternative Merch by Amazon tools we’ve curated that can still deliver you the same satisfactory results for your Merch business. 

Merch Ninja – The #1 Merch by Amazon Tool for Research

A Merch Informer alternative that brands itself as the ultimate research tool for Merch by Amazon (MBA). This pay to use platform’s primary features are  the following:

  • Keyword tool with analytics
  • Trademark tool
  • Event calendar 
  • Design tracker

What sets this Merch Ninja apart from the rest of its competitors is that it provides an accurate projection as far as sales data is concerned.

Their user interface is also more intuitive and seamless because it can quickly load results in a few seconds compared to other Merch by Amazon tools’ response or load time which are roughly around 10 to 30 seconds. 

Screenshot of the homepage of an amazon merch research tool Merch Ninja

Another neat feature that they offer is the real-time results that they provide in their analytics and keyword research.

You can access this using their “Live Search” function found in your dashboard. 

Talking about the user interface, it’s a small thing but it can make a world of difference in the context of user experience. 

First of all, the Merch Ninja website by default is in German, but don’t fret because you can easily change the language to English.

Going deeper within its interface, the keyword tool allows for an easier way to find the niches & brands that the general public is buying most often. 

You can also filter results that fall outside of the Best Seller Rank range that you specify. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to expand your market into Germany, their Merch t-shirts are further drilled down into various subcategories.

While this may be a minor feature that doesn’t seem to hold a lot of weight, it can actually give savvy Merch sellers an edge they can exploit.

The subcategories have unique BSRs which can help assign a priority level to all sub-niches you may want to cover. 

Merch Ninja is a Merch by Amazon tool for research from Germany, but it supports the 3 main merch markets of Amazon which are the US, UK, and Germany.

In case you’re scaling your market to the regions this platform supports, this tool should help you expedite the research process. 

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Merch Ninja Research Tool

Merch Ninja Research Tool
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We know there are a ton of different tools out there and choosing one particular tool can be difficult. But if you’re serious about Merch, then Merch Ninja is a full-fledged suite of tools which will allow you to start off with a basic package and continuously upgrade to even more powerful features as your business grows.
We know there are a ton of different tools out there and choosing one particular tool can be difficult. But if you’re serious about Merch, then Merch Ninja is a full-fledged suite of tools which will allow you to start off with a basic package and continuously upgrade to even more powerful features as your business grows.
5.0 rating
Total Score iFull performance, full value.


SpyAmz is also a good tool for your List Tracking, Keyword Search, Trademark checking, Daily Rank Tracking that is vital for making decisions for your merch products.

SpyAmz allows you to easily navigate through finding the best easily bookmarked keywords to make it on top of the charts.

Like Merch Informer, SpyAmz also allows you to see top seller data, as well as any possible similar designs and Trademark of an item.

Your design making can be made more efficient with an integrated image resizer from SpyAmz, similar to that of Merch Informer.

SpyAmz is more ahead of the game with Merch Informer when it comes to advanced search filters like product types, product status, rank and time range, and brand types. 

Screenshot of the homepage of research tool Spyamz for Amazon MBA, redbubble, and etc.

SpyAmz also makes it a lot easier to navigate through searching by merging the merch hunting and product searching into one tab.

You can also diversify your layouts by changing it from Grid to Row layout. It has straight-forward features such as Events, Categorized favorite, Keywords, Trademark, and many more. 

However, SpyAmz doesn’t do much on the how-to’s, unlike Merch Informer thoroughly explaining things through tutorial videos.

This is something a lot of other Merch by Amazon tools also struggle with.

The former seems to assume you already know much on navigating through software tools for Amazon Merch, as it has pretty similar features with that of Informer.

What’s good about SpyAmz is that it has a more simplistic approach to its layout, where you can easily see the designs while providing updates on the rank changes.

Unlike Merch Informer where designs are quite hard to notice due to the more complicated layout, SpyAmz can make it a lot easier for you. SpyAmz costs $99 per month or per individual account.  

Merch Titans

Merch Titans is also making its name in the Amazon Merch Market in terms of product SEO analyzing, keyword searching, product tracking, trademark checking, and product and brand searching.

Initially, it has very similar features with that of Merch Informer only with a different color scheme.

However, it also has very particular differences. Like Merch Informer, Merch Titans helps you with your product and brand search.

But props to Merch Titans for presenting the layout in a more organized manner, as well as for making keyword searching a bit easier by having an auto copy button of the top keywords from the search bar.

While you do research, Merch Titans also have a Notes feature where you can jot down important details. 

Screenshot of the homepage of research tool Merch Titans for Amazon MBA, redbubble, and etc.

Merch Titans also allows you to sort your results by the release date, which gives you more autonomy on navigating through your research.

In Merch Titans, you can track a lot of your products without adding them to your list.

Similar to Merch Informers, they also have charts but the latter allows you to zoom the data in and out.

Merch Titans allows you to acquire products analytics data on a specific listing/niche as well as track the keyword authority located in a product search, i.e. ask that you be notified for any changes that happen to your listings.

Another good thing about Merch Titans is that it allows you to perform well at your own strategy through the versatile “Titans Vault” feature.

Things can get really crazy when everyone wants to catch the trend.

Back in Merch Informer, everybody is trying to get their way to the hottest products and the lowest BSRs.

If you’re not good at this, you can easily start losing the game.

Merch Titans allows you to filter on still top products on a specific BSR range to hit a different market and radar.

Merch Titans can help you navigate through hidden niches that can still be profitable for you in the long run.

For starter researcher plan, Merch Titans costs $9.99, and $29.99 for advanced researcher plan. 

Merchant Words

Merchant Words is a large keyword software platform that is easily accessible especially for newbies.

Like Merch Informer, Merchant Words guides the users through a thorough crash course using instructional videos.

Merchant Words covers a huge part of the Amazon merch marketplace with over one billion search words acquired from Amazon shoppers.

Like other third-party Merch by Amazon tools, it still continues to expand and innovate to date.

Merchant Words can easily give you access to consumer database from different parts of the world- Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia with the use of keyword searching, data collection, and analysis.

Merchant Words allow you to identify the category to which a keyword associates with the native language of your location.

It gives you vital information regarding shopping trends and consumer demand to guide your decision making for your products in Amazon, such as knowing the best item to sell and knowing the best keywords for your listings that can make or break your sales rank and your overall business output.


Screenshot of the homepage of research tool MerchantWords for Amazon MBA, redbubble, and etc.

Keyword searching is done better with Merchant Words.

You can choose from many keyword variations of a keyword that you’d like to look into, as well as the number of searches for the keyword variations.

For example, Merchant Words offers the keyword multiplier feature which generates numerous synonymous keywords for you.

You will immediately see multiple results for similar keywords.

This feature can diversify your choices, as well as help you get new ideas on selling merch that can expand your business.

You can explore hidden niches and other products that belong to different categories to which you are capable of selling.

Exploring into this can increase your sales over time. Hovering into top products to help increase your chances against competitors is made easier with the standard search, “Page 1” tool. 

Merchant Words also offers flexible search tools aside from the standard search tool to help you get what you want, and more in no time.

The “Asin Plus” feature of Merchant Words has a unique and reverse approach for keyword ranking, making you understand the level of competition in a specific niche better. Y

ou can analyze search results anytime and anywhere you want just by downloading them into a CSV file- even without internet connection.

Merchant Words offers a premium feature, the Listing Advisor which levels up your optimization game for Amazon listings.

You get item listings with optimized keywords, HTML descriptions, titles, a website, and a rewrite.

You can get this premium feature for $300.

If you’re a newbie and is still venturing into optimization for your merch products, you can use this tool to make the most out of your time.

You can get access to all these features for your merch with a price of $30 monthly or $300 annually.


Another German platform amongst the Merch by Amazon tools that can be a good alternative for Merch Informer.

Merchreport is another comprehensive tool you can use not only for t-shirts but also all other products available in MBA Germany.

You can explore other merch such as sweatshirts, hoodies, or long sleeves with no sweat with Merch Report’s easy to use software that instantly integrates newly available products in their database to your dashboard. 

While Amazon updates their best sellers ranks on an hourly basis, Merch report uses an average BSR and is updated once a day.

It seems like a disadvantage but it’s actually the opposite.

You see, with this process, the values are more meaningful because they are less subject to fluctuations.

Some of the features that make this platform stand out are the following:

  • Keyword trends – a feature which shows you the most recent and frequently used keywords for the top 1,000 MBA products. 

    You can view the daily, weekly or monthly trends, depending on what data you need.  
  • Listing tester  – this is a neat feature that directly analyzes your product listing for Amazon and checks for the most important relevant keywords for your products.

    It fully automates the process for you and it’s definitely a good feature to have. 
  • Niche analysis – find a potential niche for your MBA business with a breeze.

    The niche analysis tool will show you relevant insights for the long-tail keywords for your products such as sales potential, search volume, price level, and even competition.

    It’s a neat tool that can instantly tell you whether or not it’s worthwhile to try out an uncharted niche. 

While Merchreport is an overall good Merch Informer alternative, it only caters to the German market at the moment. 

screenshot of homepage of the amazon research service platform Merchreport,

Their basic plan cost €9.99 ($12), mid-tier subscription is €19.90 ($24), while their highest tier membership cost about €49.90 ($60).

To date, Amazon continues to be a very competitive platform, with Merch sellers generating millions through the e-commerce website.

To make your way through the tough race, thoroughly deliberating and deciding on your product choice as well as your target market will determine the performance of your product, and consequently the success or failure of your Merch business.

This is why identifying the right Merch by Amazon tools and plugins to use is vital for you not only to save you from the time and hassle, but also to make sure you make calculated and precise steps. 

It’s undeniable that Merch Informer still the pioneer and one of the greatest tools for Amazon Merch out there.

The great thing about the digital platform is that it continues to innovate and expand its borders through time.

Discussion websites, blogs, and social media sites continue to deliberate other alternative Merch by Amazon tools, software, and plugins that you can use for your Merch business that can save you from a lot of time and hassle and deliver similar results.

Merch Informer is a great tool but is certainly not the only tool out there.

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right?”

Michelle Obama

Make sure to try out any of these other alternatives, as well as other tools out there so that you can find one that best suits the nature of your business.

Not to mention- you get to learn a lot of things and discover the pros and cons as you explore other alternatives.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or you want to follow us for more related discussions, follow us on Twitter.

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