The Fastest Way to Move Up Your Tier in Merch by Amazon this 2021

The Fastest Way to Move Up Your Tier in Merch by Amazon this 2021
Going up Merch By Amazon’s Tier is the goal when selling your merch in their platform. However, it’s not exactly an easy feat to pull off. How do you exactly do this? We break it down for you.
Going up Merch By Amazon’s Tier is the goal when selling your merch in their platform. However, it’s not exactly an easy feat to pull off. How do you exactly do this? We break it down for you.

With 2021 being a year of growth for eCommerce, many hopeful Amazon sellers are thrilled to rise up Amazon’s ladder.

Everyone wants to go up on Merch by Amazon’s tiers- whether they’re energetic newbie sellers or seasoned business owners who patiently wait for their turn to get past the 100 tier.

Amazon’s business scale model ranks their sellers into tiers that range from 10, 25, 100, 500, and Pro (invite only).

top 5 ranking with people on each rank

The higher you are up the tier, the more listings you can have, and the more revenue you can earn.

Nothing worth having comes easy, just like moving up on Amazon’s tier.

With the right knowledge and strategies, however, you can move up your tier in the fastest way possible. 

How does the Amazon Tiers Work?

Before we’re going to talk about how you can increase your rank on Amazon, we first have to understand how Amazon Tier works.

Simply put, your Amazon Merch tier can be calculated based on the number of designs that you were able to sell on Amazon.

So in order to get a 10 tier, you need to be able to sell 10 products.

For tier 25, you will need to sell at least 25, and so on and so forth. 

The Merch by Amazon Tier Levels

Tier 1 = 10 Designs

Tier 2 = 25 Designs

Tier 3 = 100 Designs

Tier 4 = 500 Designs

Tier 5 = 1,000 Designs

Tier 6 = 2,000 Designs

Tier 7 = 4,000 Designs

Tier 8 = 8,000 Designs

How to Increase your Amazon Merch Tier Fast

Amazon limits the number of designs their users can sell in the platform to maintain the best experience for customers.

Thus, the lower your tier, the lesser the design options you will have. 

The beginning may be the difficult part because Amazon usually gets most of the profit for sales that belong to these ranges.

Thus, the profit margin may still be low during this time.

A little progress every day adds up to big results.


But here’s the catch: When you get past the 100 tier, you will get a higher profit margin, so take it slow and don’t get discouraged in the beginning.

Instead, follow these strategic steps to ensure your progress:

Be Your First Customer 

This may sound absurd to some, but this is the fastest and most reliable way to bypass Amazon’s Merch tier algorithms by doing it through your own efforts.

But of course, you can only do this if you can afford to pay for your own designs.

If you have enough capital to do so, you can purchase your own designs to increase your rank on Amazon Merch.

Even if you buy your own products, Amazon’s business scale model will still work the same way as though it were other people buying your own designs.

Although this may be counter-intuitive to increasing sales= increasing cash flow, buying your own designs is a fast and sure way to increase your rank.

In other words, it can be a good investment to get you to a higher tier in no time. 

The advantage is by increasing your tier, you get better advantages, more design flexibilities, and a bigger profit margin.

Again, the reward will come later.

By having this edge on the platform, you can be more assured of a greater return in the future.

Don’t Set the Price too High

The reason why hotcakes really sell is that they’re delicious, and they’re not pricey, especially when you’re just starting out, the market may be saturated enough for new designs with prices that are just as expensive as those that have been in the market for a longer time.

One of the best ways to give yourself an advantage over others is to keep your price at bay.

But of course, this does not mean that you don’t need to take your overhead and other expenses into consideration.

Of course, you still have to take into account the cost you spent on your website, design, productivity tools, and more.

The thing is by keeping your profits at a minimum, you can easily put yourself at a higher advantage than your competitors.

Although selling at low prices may sound self-sacrificial, it should more likely be viewed as a temporary strategy to boost your sales upward and increase your tier which will soon allow you to sell more designs and gain more revenue from your business.

In this way, you have a competitive advantage and customers will be able to notice your designs.

Obviously, with similar (or even better) designs and quality, you will be preferred more than other competitors if you have lower prices.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay at this price point forever.

In the future, you can always increase your product price, especially when you have more headroom to sell more designs.

In the meantime, however, small wins will bring you at the end of the race faster. 

Besides, the beginning is the best part to understand your way to the Amazon market.

You will understand which designs are hot and which aren’t.

Once you have more experience and knowledge in the ins and outs of the business, you can always have the opportunity to increase your prices.

Outsource Services

When you’re aiming at boosting your design sales on Amazon, it can be tempting to cut costs and do things on your own.

Sometimes figuring things out, in the beginning, can slow you down especially if you don’t have the professional experience to do skill-heavy tasks.

The biggest time-waster is doing important things on your own even without the research, skill, and experience to do so.

The result is mediocre work and a waste of time.

When you decide to be your own graphic designer, social media specialist, and store manager at the same time, you can get all worked-up on the nitty-gritty aspects of all the workload.

When things aren’t as impressive as they should turn out to be, it can also be quite frustrating to begin again.

This is the reason why it’s always best to invest in skilled professionals who have better experience in important areas like graphic design and social media analytics for your social media marketing efforts.

Instead of trying to learn the skill on your own or relying on default design makers on the internet, making a good investment in outsourcing quality designs and work output can be the best idea.

Remember that you are trying to make a good first impression on buyers in the market to hopefully get their attention and boost your sales.

Your shirt design will be the first thing that they will see.

This is why investing in the essentials for your business can help skyrocket your sales better than mediocre designs and marketing materials.

On the other hand, you can also have more time and headroom to evaluate your performance and strategies for the venture.

Make Research A Habit

When you have a goal of boosting your sales in Amazon, research should be an essential part of your business routine.

No matter what your niche is, you should always be updated with the latest trends and styles that suit your target market.

Whether you’re selling trendy designs or evergreen, basic ones, keeping yourself ahead of the game will result in more relevant designs for your target market.

For instance, if you’re selling topical or trending merch designs, social media should be your best friend.

You can target social media groups, hashtags, and forum platforms to have an idea of what’s hot in the market.

You should be up-to-date with the latest trends in pop culture, media, movies, music, celebrities, and fanbases to make sure your merch designs are fresh and relevant.

By ensuring that you’re always first on the news, you can have the greater advantage of making the most out of your design options.

If you’re still on a lower tier, ensuring that all your design options are saleable can greatly increase your chances of going up Amazon’s Merch Tier.

On the other hand, if you’re selling designs that are on the evergreen niche, you should understand that lifestyles and preferences may also change over time.

Cozy loungewear basics are more likely a hit since the pandemic has required a work-from-home setup.

Making research a habit can give you more important options for your designs to choose from.

You won’t have to waste your designs on shirts that do not sell or are out-of-season.

Spy on Your Competitors

If your competitors are doing better than you, then that’s maybe because you aren’t studying them yet.

Start keeping track of possible competitors in your niche.

By doing this, you will have an idea of what kind of designs do they sell, what designs sell and what doesn’t.

Moreover, you will have a comparative basis of your design price point.

Checking your competitor’s best-selling products can give you an idea of what possible designs can help you skyrocket your Tier on Amazon.

Here are the best steps to spy on your competitor like a pro:

  1. Select Your Category or Niche.
  2. Research these Categories on the Amazon Marketplace using important keywords that are relevant to your niche.
  3. Look for a competitor with a qualifying BSR (Best Seller’s Rank). The lower the number, the higher the rank on Merch by Amazon.
  4. Check their design, marketing strategies, and product information.
  5. Ask yourself, “What Else can I Offer/ Can I do better?”
  6. See if you can offer with a better advantage (Ex: Lower price). 

The product review section is also a great place to get clues on where you can do better than your competitors.

Usually, when people leave a review on their merch purchases, they either say the good and bad sides of their buying experience or they can just say either one of them.

By studying what customers complain about or demand, you will easily have an idea of how you can do your own designs but better than others.

Market Your Merch 

In the end, nothing beats a good ol’ marketing game that can drive organic traffic to your page and streamline more interested and loyal customers.

Make sure you don’t ditch the essentials by hopping on a quick and fast solution to your business’s success.

Going through ample product research and making sure your products are well-marketed are still important in order to drive sales into your store.

Social media is an important tool that you can use to promote your product.

Instagram, as an image and video-based platform, can be a great avenue to showcase your designs for free.

You may also utilize hashtags that are available on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Google Ads are also effective strategies to have a wider reach for your audience.

Although it may be a bit costly in the beginning, gaining enough traction to boost your sales may be a worthy exchange knowing that it can make your business more sustainable.

Blogging is also a great avenue for Marketing your Merch designs.

If you love to write about anything that relates to your niche or lifestyle, publishing blogs can lead interested readers to your eCommerce page which is another way to boost sales and increase your loyal customer base.

Let’s Wrap it Up

2021 is a year of bountiful opportunities, especially for eCommerce websites.

If there ever is a time that’s best for you to level up your game in your design sales, the time is now.

It’s not an easy feat to be able to close a number of deals on Amazon, and consequently increase your Amazon Tier.

Person holding a notebook with a yellow light bulb drawing

It can be quite frustrating in the beginning when investments, patience, and hard work needs to take place.

However, by understanding how the system works and by taking advantage of avenues that may boost traffic to your page and people’s interest in your designs, you can definitely climb up the ladder in no time.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this useful.
If you have any questions, find us on Twitter and ask us anything.

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