6 Tips To Boost Sales in 2021 for Your Print on Demand Store

6 Tips to Boost Sales for Your Print on Demand Store In 2021
Want to take your POD store to the next level? Here are methods to do that!
Want to take your POD store to the next level? Here are methods to do that!

2020 has been a crazy ride.

It’s brought everyone to their highest peaks and deepest lows.

Although many of us went through the latter this year, the former is more apparent for eCommerce.

With physical stores being closed due to the lockdown, eCommerce has peaked inevitably.

More and more businesses have shifted to a digital platform in selling their products and services online.

Now more than ever, Print on Demand has made a huge leap for the new year, and making sales for POD store owners is far less complicated for store owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We’re here to show you that you can make the most out of this lucrative opportunity.

Here are 5 tips on how you can boost your sales for your Print on Demand Store for the year 2021.

 The ongoing lockdown and the work-from-home situation doesn’t seem to have improved so far, so we’re expecting it’ll have a long way until 2021.

If there’s something we all acquired from 2020, it’s that we’ve been wearing comfy clothes and living a lot less complicated lives since then. 

This change of lifestyle has brought new trends for Print on Demand in 2021.

trendy woman wearing a yellow mask and a yellow hoodie

Adjusting to this change by looking into the latest trends to suit your new design styles is a strategic way to boost your sales.

When there’s more demand for your products, you can expect a greater probability of sales.

Check out these new 2021 trends that we’ve curated that you can add to your POD lineup:

Customized Masks 

Again, we blame 2020 for an additional staple in the wardrobe.

Whether it’s a good or bad thing is your call.

Nonetheless, they are a necessity and most establishments require the use of a mask.

In fact, they’ve become a normal part of their lives.

To make life a lot less monotonous, many retailers are providing more stylish options for washable face masks with a variety of prints, colors, and patterns.

In the current market, there are even options for customizable face masks where you can print your own image or the image of your dog on it.

Fashionable people are also concerned with the aesthetic compatibility of their masks with their clothing, so a complementary mask-clothing product is definitely a hit in the market.

The more you dive in, the more you see how the pandemic has extracted creative juices from designers and POD enthusiasts. 

Loungewear but Make it Fashion

We’ve all been probably wearing comfy clothes the whole time.

Remote company meetings involve wearing a formal top and pajama bottoms- and it’s not even a big deal.

Thus, the demand for comfortable, casual loungewear has definitely increased.

According to Sourcing Journal, 62% of people have worn comfortable clothes more often since the lockdown.

With the rise of this trend, new demands for clothing store owners have risen for joggers, hoodies, pajamas, leggings, which have leveled-up to a more stylish, business-leisure, and laid-back fashion.

Home Decors

 Is your home conducive for at-home learning and working?

Your environment definitely affects your work productivity in one way or another.

A clean, well-decorated, and well-ventilated house definitely brings a calmer and more peaceful vibe to get the work started.

Because of this, a growing number of people have paid a lot more attention to their homes.

Many are improving their home’s color schemes and decorations to help them concentrate on their work.

Retailers have been making sales on aesthetically pleasing posters, wall arts, and motivational wall statements more smoothly than ever.

A beautiful home coupled with complimentary mugs, pillowcases, and blankets is the way to seal the deal.

Level up your product and keyword research game

These are just the cream of the crop for hot niches in 2021.

Nonetheless, you still need to level up your product research and keyword research game.

This is because trends can change very quickly, and one specific variant of a product may lose its popularity quickly.

If you’re not up to date with your product research, it can be very difficult to decide the right product choice for your business.

Listing your products in your print on demand store needs a specific approach to keywords that will make it towards your potential customers’ search bars.

You’ll need to find the right long-tail keywords to use in your product descriptions to make them more optimized for product searches.

It’s important to use the proper research tool to stay up to date with the right niches and keywords that are essential for the success of your store.

You don’t need to use two separate tools for product and research tools too.

There are quite a few that you can use with minimal to no subscription fees, such as Merch Titans.  

Increase your social media presence and brand engagement

According to statistics, the use of social media has increased by 9 percent since 2019, with about 3.6 billion people using social media around the world.

If you haven’t started interlinking your print on demand store with social media platforms, you should probably work on it by now.

Start by trying to complete one or two social media tasks and updates per day.

Post updates, respond to posts and inquiries and eventually you may run social media ads.

laptop with social media marketing header on the screen and various logo depicting different media

In different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, different approaches need to be used.

Depending on the nature of your product, you should utilize social media to increase your presence and accelerate brand engagement.

Make sure to upload your product designs into photos and videos that suit the dimensions required for every social media page.

 Social media is a great way to showcase your brand.

You can access more and more users through social media alone. In addition, make sure to have your own website or blog.

This can help increase your visibility and presence in Google searches.

Be active in your store

This one is probably a no-brainer if you’re aiming to boost your sales and profits.

More time and effort means more chances of winning right?

Correct, but make sure you do it the right way.

This means observing and maintaining your print on demand store.

Don’t leave your store for a long time not updated.

Look for posts and designs that do not work well with your brand.

Try to look for products with terrible reviews and try to assess if you still need to keep them in your account.

Delete old posts that do not work and update listings, keywords, titles, details, and product descriptions.

Try to be consistent with your posting.

For instance, set a schedule for uploading, following other artists, commenting, replying, etc.

You will notice that the more active you become, the more you increase your engagement.

Thus you develop more leads and more chances of increasing sales.

Sell to more than one market place

There’s no rule that limits any POD businesses from selling to only one marketplace. So, why not take advantage of that opportunity and launch your store and brand on multiple POD platforms such as RedBubble, Etsy, and Merch by Amazon (to name a few)?

Since you want to increase your sales, it only makes sense to cover larger customer bases – it’s the most foolproof way to do that too. 

Store front with red bubble, etsy, and merch by amazon name tags

Isn’t one too many stores already difficult to handle? What if I don’t have enough time to spend on updating from time to time?

Pro tip!

You can do this job easily with the help of automation software like Merch Titans Automation.

Set your account on auto-pilot and upload your existing designs to multiple platforms in one go.

The only you need to put out is to set up an account on different Print on Demand marketplaces.

After that, you only have to configure your automation process in Merch Titan once, then it will do the rest for you according to your intended schedule.

It’s that simple.

Improve your Design Quality 

Now that you have time to focus on other things in your POD business, it’s time to check into your design quality and take it a notch higher.

Uploading high-quality work is essential in attracting sales.

Assess your performance based on your current designs and talk to your design artist.

Designs add value faster than it adds cost.

Joel Spolsky, founder of Trello

If you have a design that’s well-received, try to make different variations of it using different patterns, colors, designs, and elements to push through its demand in your market.

Another way to improve your design quality is to actually push out new high-quality designs. I

f you don’t have a designer and you’re not a pro designer yourself, you don’t need to make it yourself.

You can invest in buying high-quality licensed designs – it’s more cost-efficient especially if you’re just starting out.

And that’s about it. 2021 may be an ambiguous year for many of us, but we can sure carve a good path for ourselves when we make the right steps and choices ahead.

Following these few tips and tricks using the right tools and software can definitely boost your sales for your print on demand store for the year 2021.

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