Top Designs of the Week (April 12– April 18, 2021)

Top Designs of the Week April 12– April 18 2021 cover
The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

April fools is over and it’s now time to get serious! It’s now time to get ambitious and go hard, go home, or go straight to the moon! Things are only going to get better with these designs from the cuddly overload to the awesome sleek designs. 

Bowling bang

It’s not a friendly game, it’s war!

Strike after strike, slap this awesome design, and show the world you mean business. Get out of the alley if you are going to miss!

Climbing cat

Meow has been a good cat and is now heading straight to the sky!

Wings? Yes! But a ladder is better. Cats are natural climbers and the stars show exactly how high cats can get. 

Gorilla lift

It’s not time to go ape, it’s time to go gorilla!

If you think you’ve already gone bananas and done your best, well, it’s time to unleash the gorilla within you and get those guns working! 

Launch now

The best time to start working on your dreams is tomorrow… Not!

If you want to get somewhere, better get start moving now! Burst into the sky and follow your ambition like a rocket aiming for more than the moon. 

Mad milk

Justice for milk! Justice for dairy! Milk is mad because he doesn’t get the appreciation he deserves.

Cake? Milk! Butter? Milk! Ice cream? Most probably milk! The only way he’ll be happy is if you listen to his arguments. 

Ring finger

If you have it, show it off! Wear that ring with pride and don’t be scared to show off. It’s time the world hears how happy you finally.

Want to see how happy I am? Check out my ring! 

Shapes and control

It’s more than just gaming, it’s a lifestyle!

These aren’t just shapes and buttons, these are instruments of power and can be used to do critical damage, zoom past your enemies, and get things done right!

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