Top Designs of the Week (April 19– April 25, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Art is used to portray some people’s wildest dreams but what about those things true to reality? Dreams that live in our heads can be translated into art and our imagination turn into reality. It’s important to never forget the mundane and realistic situations that trigger our imaginations. 

Here’s a mix of designs that go beyond reality and into the melancholic and honest corners of our imaginations:

Bottle World

Life is more than just what’s in the bottle.

Sometimes it’s time to take off the lid, muster the courage, and explore the world. Scary? Yes. But happiness and life could be just around the corner.

Diverse Kids

You’re not alone. In fact, you never were.

Everyone is different and that is how we are the same. You might not feel welcome anywhere but the truth is, that’s okay. Not all of us are and that’s how we’re together.

Hippy Granny

The stories your granny says aren’t fiction.

We might think that we’re cool, but they’re probably cooler than we’ll ever be. The life we dream to live, she’s probably lived it herself.

Horse Hit

Ehem. This horse knows your secret kinks and you know what, this horse likes what you do.

Stay true, stay you, be the dom or sub you crave being. *wink* *wink*

Rose Sword

Life ain’t no bed of roses. Beauty and pain seemingly go together and with enough care, the rose blooms despite the pain.

It might be tough now, but the strength of the sword prevails.

Uni Dabs

Your life’s not complete until you’ve seen it in every color!

Parties aren’t made to be just in black and white, they’re made to spew out unicorn style.

Vintage Beer Boy

Drink! Drink! Drunk? The nights not over until you’ve chugged that big mug.

Who said drinking beer would make you less classy?

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