Top Designs of the Week (April 26– May 2, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Time to get physical! Art isn’t just something you sit down and look at, it’s also something you go out in order to enjoy. Looking at life with an abstract eye is important to see the innate beauty of things. More unicorns? Cats? Space? Music? Art is all around.

With that, we bring you the freshest designs we’ve released this week in our library. Check them out!

A bop

Music moves within you.

Sometimes being happy just takes the right playlist. Bop along with the tunes you enjoy.

Amazing Dreams

Our dreams are pictures that our souls pick up and show us the other half of life that exists within us.

Listen to your dreams, learn from them, live in them.

Coolest Cupid

Cupid is taking a break from being cute and cuddly.

Now he’s cool, controlled, and well, still pretty cute as well.

Hero Alive

Hero’s don’t just live in comic books, they are among us.

Heroes are here to lend you a helping hand.

Space drunk

They ain’t ready for that extraterrestrial dunk madness!

Show them that astro dunk ball moves you’ve got hidden in your astro suit.


Unicorns need help too.

No matter how colorful your world might get, everyone needs someone to talk to and that’s okay.

Wild ride

Top of the food chain? Bottom of the food chain?

Who cares! Life is made to be abstract. Here’s how the paw beats the horn, the horn beats the shark.

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