Top Designs of the Week (July, 5 – July 11, 2021)

ThreadBasket Featured Designs Blog Post Cover July 5 2021
The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Life has its ups and downs and every time we get closer to what we feel is the end, the world just turns into another cycle! Loading… life gets better or life gets worse? We’ll never know due to the volatility of the good and bad times.

Here are some designs made for those moments of celebration, struggles, motivation, and even for awareness!

Baby Now Loading

Greet this baby right here:

Bull Vs Bear Market

Link to this design:


Get this cutie right here:

Death Before Decaf

Sip to this design here:

Freedom Shark

Link to this design:

Muscle Unicorn

Flex that unicorn, get it here:

Polar Protest

Link to this design:

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