Top Designs of the Week (June 7– June 13, 2021)

Top Designs cover week 12
The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Sugar, spice, and everything colorful is coming out in this week’s designs! Love is spelled out in different designs and it’s more than what you would normally think of! We got a few based covered, from Elon Musk to cute and colorful creatures.

Check them out!

Corgi in Love

What spells love better than a Corgi looking back at you with his puppy eyes as his bum directly facing you.

The only thing more adorable than a Corgi’s butt is a corgi looking at you with love in its eyes.

Hummingbird in Colors

Have you ever seen a hummingbird in real life? If your answer is no, that’s because they are magical birds that are ever so hard to spot.

Their rainbowish wings are almost invincible with the speed of how they flap around in the wind.

In Elon We Trust

To the moon? Will the Dogeking finally bring crypto to skyrocketing profits?

Is he the chosen king of Bitcoin and will he make millionaires out of the everyday crypto investors? We’ll eventually find out.

Until the next dip!

Love Strings

Love is nothing more than a promise. A promise to have and to hold.

To keep and to be kept. To hold each other’s hands in the midst of a storm.

Mermaid Unicorn

Ever seen something as magical as a unicorn or a mermaid?

What about both of them together? If you see something magical, take a good long look since most likely, no one will believe you unless you show them.

Super Grandpa

The strongest man on earth might in fact be your grandpa.

Setting a strong foundation for a generation to another generation is no easy task. You did it, gramps!

Walking Caffeine

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Walk around in style with your coffee confidence and a coffee mug in hand.

Caffeine is the only way to go. Keep yourself energetic and keep yourself focused!

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