Top Designs of the Week (March 22-28, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Looking for unique designs and inspiration to make your merch more interesting? For this week’s design digest, we bring you a little bit of cyberpunk, tons of woman empowerment, and cats! Because other than it’s women’s month, cat designs never go out of style.

With that, we bring you our top designs for the week, fresh from our library!


Out of a cat’s nine lives, who would have thought that one of them would be spent on the moon? Astrocat does something that dogs would only dream of: touching the moon and expanding feline territory to a whole new level!

Coder Pink

What if we were still in the matrix and the real color of revelation was pink? 01000111 – 01101001 – 01110010 – 01101100 or G.i.r.l is the new binary code of the future and pink is the color of the tunnel to get there.

Color Queen

A splash of this, a splash of that. A true color queen exhibits herself in bravery, elegance, and class. Let the colors fly and may the queen’s crown remain fitted on her head high and high.


If we’re going down, we’re going down in style. Be ahead of the future dystopia and flash the brand of tacticality in style. Ready for whatever, whenever, and however things will roll out. If there is going to be an apocalypse, it is going to be on our terms!

Family is Love

The heart of the family is completed when the child shows their love. What fills the heart of a parent is seeing their children do well. Nothing drastic, nothing extreme, just pure love. The father holds the family, the mother holds the child, the child holds the future.

Fromerica Pride

The real American is the one that embraces who they are. Fromerica pride with the sun behind him shining not to steal attention but to emphasize what he stands for. Be true to YOU and wave that American flag up high.


There’s nothing more effective than a cat rolling up its sleeves. In cat we trust, in cat we can! Believe in cat and cat will make things possible! This persistent feline won’t give up, won’t give in, and won’t stop until things are done!

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