Top Designs of the Week (March 29 – April 4, 2021)

Top Designs By Thread Basket BlogCover March 29 to April 4
The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Finding your own designs has never been easier. Pick out and slap on the perfect design to not only make your work look better but to stand out among the rest!

Here are this week’s top designs, covering all bases from dogs to space! May the fluff be with you as humanity prepares to brace outer space for the nth time but only this time, in style.

Check out what’s new, what’s fresh and what’s hot at the moment.

Artistic Bulldog

Who let the woof out? Bulldogs secretly hide a coat of color away and wear them only when nobody is looking. It’s probably time to let the colors out and see what a true bulldog looks like.

Astronaut Rocket

To the moon and beyond! The thing about NASA is it’s never really sported the bloody red colors that our friend the astronaut secretly likes to represent.

Bat Job

Someone’s working overtime and Batman’s getting all the credit. What about those bats that tirelessly hang on to the make a shadow calling the hero only to be forgotten themselves.

Gangster Dog

Who makes the rules? Who dares step on their turf? The dogs are out and they are now running the game with a little woof here and a little grrr there.

Hospital Hero

The real heroes don’t just wear capes. The real heroes are the ones that put themselves at risk to help others not just because they know them, but because they need help.

Just Justicia

Justice might be blind but the colors of tomorrow speak for itself. Not only are things going to get better if we stick together, things are going to get better only if people start standing up for what is right.

Repair Girl

Not girly enough for you? Well, a girl knows how to take care of her wheels as well. Who said cars were for boys and dolls were for girls?

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