Top Designs of the Week (May 24– May 30, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Let your inner animal do the talking. Sometimes representation is hard without using imagery that doesn’t only pop out but also elicits the imagination of the viewers. When people say “unleash the animal in you” most people think strong and wild but what about the chill side? The goofy side? The real side?

Happy smoking sloth

If it won’t affect you, you shouldn’t be affected by it.

The happy smoking sloth is the epitome of “what doesn’t affect you shouldn’t matter” and it is something that the sloth lives by. Take some time for yourself. Chill. And enjoy life!

Home schooling missing school

Classes aren’t the same as they were before.

Yes life does turn up with unexpected happenings but who would have thought that your family would turn into your classmates, your books turn into your computer, and your teacher turn into the voice you hear on the screen.

Live peacefully go vegan

How obvious does it have to be before people start realizing that animals are suffering as well?

It’s time to stop thinking about just us humans and start becoming good caretakers of the other animals on this planet.

Monkey and R&R King

Who can’t wait to be king?

If the lion has a baboon, we have the monkey to appoint the rightful king of pop (or rock and roll). Sometimes you just gotta shake it like the king.

Real Rhino Rifts

One of the most disappointing things in life is being compared to others.

So what if you’ve got curves? Why can’t you be a unicorn? Own yourself. Own your future. Own your dream.

Smoke Spray

There’s an artist living in me.

Maybe street art won’t fit conventional museums but the raw soul of the graffiti artist isn’t in the expensive brushes, paint, and canvas, it’s in the cement most people take for granted.

Sushi Style

What makes sushi so unique?

Is it the fusion of rice and fish or is it in the skill that the sushi master puts into making their masterpiece? Wax on wax off. It’s time to perfect your sushi style.

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