Top Designs of the Week (May 3– May 9, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

It’s high time for women to take the center stage. The designs this week parade more than just beauty, more than just being feminine. Mother’s day is coming soon that’s why we’re paying tribute to not just our moms, but also to all women in general.

Check out how these designs are more than just your typical chique!

Cozy coffee

Ah yes, there’s nothing that spells out love louder than a hot mug of black coffee in a cold room with a warm sweater on.

Make your situation comfortable and do you!

Flower love

Every woman deserves flowers. Every woman deserves roses.

It might just be a simple day but with a rose or flower, everything could change. Roses are red, violets are blue, if you were a rose, my life would be better with you.

Granny at Garden

Granny loves the garden and out of all the flowers around, she is the one that stands out the most.

Even the butterflies would love to perch on her fingers.

Nurse Signal

She’s strong and she’s brave.

She takes every day one step at a time caring for more than herself but also caring for others. She looks at her life as incomplete if she can’t help others.

Strong Woman and Beer

Who said girls can’t chug? If it’s beer we’re talking about, you’d be surprised!

She’ll down that beer faster than you’d have time to ask for her name. She’s not like other girls, she’s strong and she likes to drink!

Wife and a mother

A woman can do two things at once, being a wife and a mother.

Loving a husband while raising a kid is no easy thing to do. Props to all the moms who never gave up!

Mother Puzzle

A mom is many things but one thing she’s rarely known for is a hero.

Happy mothers day to all the moms that never gave up on raising their kids, never lost hope, and never failed to show love and care.

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