Top Designs of the Week (May 31– June 6, 2021)

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The freshest vector designs of the week to spice up your merch!

Cats, kings, and wonderful things are waiting around at the side of the ring. It’s obvious that life as we know has gotten a whole lot unexpected and from bite sized wonders to extraterrestrial adventures, there’s still a whole lot to explore. Check out the designs that bring the audience past the norm and into the world of beyond and within.

Baby Zip

It’s funny how life starts in a small belly pouch and grows up to be another person living their own lives.

The baby is peeking and excited to come out! Looks like mommy and daddy just have to wait until the baby is ready to finally get out of the zipper.


Marriage isn’t the end of a life of fun but rather a beginning of a life of love.

However, who wouldn’t want to spend the last few days of single life being young, wild, and free!

Casino Chips

It isn’t a gamble if you know what you’re doing.

Take your bite-sized chips with you wherever you go and get ready to play on any occasion. The odds are always in your pocket.

Cat Stare

Look into my eyes and fall for my feline cries.

Cat does what the cat pleases and these adorable companions should be both respected and taken care of. Look into my eyes… meow.

Doggy Bomb

Dogecoin is the bomb? Dogecoin got hit by the bomb? Or Dogecoin bombs away?!

Take that $DOGE cash to war! Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Moon Home

To the moon! It’s finally time we strap up and slowly get ready to make our way to the moon!

The realm of impossibility is slowly meeting the attainable. One by one, everything will be better.


Life might not be a bed of roses but it could be a field of colorful butterflies!

Allow more color into your life like staying still to invite a butterfly to perch on your finger.

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